To defeat America’s foreign enemies, America have to defeat the homegrown enemy first and instantaneously. Who can defeat America’s foreign enemy among your presidential candidates? Trump of course! Who can assist Trump in destroying homegrown enemies? True sons and daughters of America are the weapons Trump needs now.

Those who cannot vote for him if not America’s enemies are enablers of enemies!



Dear America and Friends of the Free World,

“Humans frequently act contrary to their self-interest and reject – offers in bargaining games”

In this year’s US election we’re seeing nothing but the media, political parties, religions, organisations, corporations and hero worshiping humans doing contrary to what is best for them by allowing dominant opportunist to own them and their future. I call this ‘self-sabotage’ because it’s doing others good as opposed to the oppressed poor Americans. It’s time to do ourselves a favour by asking and answering the following questions:

  1. Do we need to keep the old system in power and deny ourselves the chance to own our future and our country?
  2. Does vote for Hillary/democrats to solve the minority problems? Who caused them in the first place?
  3. Should Muslim denounce Trump to facilitate their terrorized compatriots to migrate to America or should denounce terrorism to keep them safe in their countries?
  4. Should Mexican support a borderless United States in promotion of lawlessness society as way of creating a second Mexico in a neighbouring country or should support US’s law and order effort as prerequisite for better neighbourhood?
  5. Must we simply support or appease the popular individual’s and forget ourselves?
  6. Aren’t you tired from the suffering caused by microwaves or being controlled with microchips?

Note: A solution to the needs of humankind isn’t an invention of the popular elite nor is it an affirmative action reserved for celebrities. Moreover, it’s an act of God inspiring one man to unveil what is obscure to the corrupted material world in order to crown the lowly and the least valued majority. Consider the following quote from John Kenneth Galbraith.

“Humanity’s most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed.” – John Kenneth Galbraith