Because the miracle and misery of modern World are determine at the monopoly of Britain and the Western World before they’re spread on Earth, the dignifying justice which is the source of happiness for all mankind is under constant conflict with the law and order of greed to deny you and me our natural free delivery of happiness and abundance. As a result, we are subjected to unfair treatment from birth to the grave. My purpose here on Earth, is to redeem these liberties for mankind by restoring what is just or acceptable according to the order of creation.

Britain and the West, said freedom is the best way of life, yet bondage begins in their houses to spread elsewhere on Earth.

Publicly, they condemn inhuman treatment around the World, but out of my observations, I have found that, not only do they sustain inhuman degrading policies around the World, but they also incubate them at home.

They declared us as free human being according natural laws provided in the Universal Human Rights Charters, but when we try to walk the highway of freedom, we are  handcuffed at their roadblocks.

Fellow men of all ages, this is the truth to set you free in your next World:

  • There shall be no friend of a criminal, unless he is a criminal himself,
  • There shall be no tolerance for murderous regimes, unless the tolerant is a fan and friend of murder,
  • There shall be no suffering for mankind, unless it’s caused by fellow men,
  • There shall be no limitations on what we can do or achieve, unless the strong stands in the door way of the weak,
  • The liberty we are told is that which is being measured for us, yet there is that free delivery sent for every man to have without going through muscle  transformation,
  • Life is provided in splendour of complete beauty; those taints we see today are caused by pollutions from these men.

Call: an invitation is issued to all free spirited men and women, young and old of all races, whether activists or moderate to champion the free new World, in which we shall all be equal, happy and free!

To be continued!

Richard R. Kayumba




Dear Mr. Trump, we Africans are excited about your presidency and want to see you become the future leader of that great nation because you embody quality of solutions for Africa. There is nothing we have not seen or heard from the Clinton’s family and presidency, their legacy has left scars from the misery they supported in our countries which we have been forced to accept as a way of life. To us Clinton represent endless conflicts, exploitation of the weak, reign terror, violence and hopeless continent.

We want to see change in our time; we are ready to open our continent for this change to take place. We have followed your campaigns, listened to your speeches and have come to believe that you make a great president for this generation. America should remember its mission of leading by example than mislead infant states! You have our backing; just let us know what you need from Africans to boost your campaign. I know you do not need money from us for we are poor and marginalized, but we do have a good noise that could silence your opponents at a crucial time, we have the records of wrongs for those who are poised to challenge you for this post, if these records can be dished out for public consumption, shame will eliminate your opponents even if they are still surviving on the pain killers to spread their contagious flu.

Dear Americans citizens, we have enjoyed 8 long years of ambiance under Obama administration, it is now time to go back to serious obligations of your country which you were entrusted by your founding fathers, ‘America is to become the guardian of modern democracy and a new hope for the hopeless societies, specifically the smaller states’. This is the interpretation of President Truman’s vision which was later cemented by your bravest leader J.F. Kennedy.

In the Atlantic Charter, from which we derive the idea of the United Nations, your president Franklin D. Roosevelt, listed Allied goals for reasons which America could be drawn to war against another state as the desire to removing threats to the liberty of man and defence for self governance of weaker states.  During the hailstorm of World War II, Roosevelt made sure that his friends the British Prime Minister Churchill and the Russian president Joseph Stalin, were not motivated by interest of subjugating the weaker societies or expansionism to go to war before persuaded him into an alliance against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. If America still breeds visionary leaders with a clear global vision in which all men are included in their telescope of equal beings, then you got to vote for Mr. Trump as your president and best representative to the World. We have seen his quality that will preserve the American true values and our continent too foresees that his reign will become a positive omen for us to view the future in its full dimension.

I wish also to remind my readers that the majority of Africans, fall in the category of those classified as minorities in USA; therefore we call for American minorities to vote for Mr. Trump into the White House so that our World here can restart a new light year of hope.

Dear Africans and black men, Trump said ‘blacks are lazy and only good at sex is not a blasphemy and should cause no resentment in a positive mind; a friendly whip would point a finger at your spot and this could only be done by someone who cares enough than mockers. Those who are at the receiving end from brutal regimes like my compatriots in Rwanda understand this truth and should cause them to desire to back Mr. Trump for meaningful hope and progress for this continent

Support Trump, the Republican presidential candidate by writing letters of support like this one to all Americans.






Fellow Rwandans,

With due respect to all of you comrades, irrespective of your profession and contribution to the struggle we are undertaking against the dictatorship which is controlling Rwanda nearly 22 years ago.

We are all experts in our fields, no one perhaps can perform better than us in what we are good at, but it seems as though we are all prone to one weakness, which is ‘pride’ or being presumptuous. We want to be seen, to be known or create names for ourselves, yet true love for our people and country resides faraway from the physical addresses of our hearts.

A true patriot would know the fact that, a solution for Rwanda is not in replacing the current regime for the sake of replacement. Though cruel and has made all Rwandans hostages and slaves from which it derive its legitimacy, it has turned them into ATMS it draws…

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