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Many African Americans are being swept by the wind of Democratic Party which does not know them apart from knowing their votes, and they have forgotten that there will be tomorrow without democrats. The coming winds of change which will deeply touch the lives of American people should make you worry and vote for Trump. While the Mexican will be in Mexico, illegal migrant puzzles   solved the question of what to do with the sons and daughters of former slaves will remain.

Why don’t you try to seek better relations with your fellow white counterparts and settle the ills of your society than counting on politicians or join those associations you build on racial foundations? Why do you team up to fight the social order you cannot defeat? Why do you have to choose to hold onto decaying system whose grave has been dug to bury its stinking corps?



I am talking to you wealth owner and less fortunate American citizen. Also this address is for you African American. It’s for you the legal and illegal migrants. It’s yours citizens and states of the World.

Trump is a rich man but has decided to identify himself with the poor by opposing and making himself enemy of the rich, which makes him a trusted friend of the poor Americans. You probably never had or will never have such a quality of a leader since the J.F Kennedy’s to feels what you the ordinary citizens feel and decide to something about it.

Wealth owners’ wants to remain safe and in control of their wealth and you, it’s time for them to consider how they can negotiate Trump to keep them and their wealth safer than fighting to control you and me by appointing a candidate who is disliked by the American voters.

If they insist and succeed in appointing a candidate who will help them control you and continue to exercise their animosity on you, it will not only endanger you and your family but it will endanger them and their wealth as well after it has become clear to the public that they have decided the public fate by forfeiting their will and where the remaining option to redeem these rights shall warrantee collective actions.


This is your time to say: ‘enough is enough’ than fighting for a piece of; bread’ while the whole ‘Bakery’ remains unclaimed.  The evil one built a strong system for many years which must be dismantle through negotiations if he is willing. If there is no breakthrough in this area, there will be no other choice left for you than that of destroying him to destroy his system to redeem humankind’s hope of ever becoming free, happy and safe.

Therefore, racism which minority considers as their major issues is not actually their real problem. This year’s American election will determine the fate of this World and its inhabitants. That is why I urge you the sufferers of racism and migration decisions to look beyond your self-interest and analyse the episode in the theatre of the real vents and their actual perspective to comprehend what is really happening in the world where you and I live than duelling on your lonely world, only then you will be able to project and see the likely outcome of all the things that are affecting to you. When you decide to look beyond your experience on the street of your city, pub, cinema, public transport or at the entry points for migrants, shall you be able to realise that you are fighting a war which you’ll never win unless something of ‘gland sweep’ done by you and me takes place to change the way our life was chained.

For the object of racism and immigration decisions, I say that support the cause which will make our whole world free and safe to allow plans and be to be made by you!!!


Thank you,