CLEVER DICTATORS TEACH THEIR PEOPLE HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF SHEEP To Oppressed and Oppressors, I will hand you this ‘prescription’ I made about the dictatorship and its effect on the general p…





To Oppressed and Oppressors,

I will hand you this ‘prescription’ I made about the dictatorship and its effect on the general populace following my extensive examination of world’s social, political and economic problems created by greed. It goes without saying that what causes the life degrading experience we all witness in our world or your own country today, are interwoven with the social, political and economic arrangement created by those who partitioned our countries.  They made sure that their own people are tightly controlled through handouts that put a lid on their mouth or suppressed riots that had attracted the oppressed masses by electing a wall of opportunity which could effectively be compared to throwing meat in dog’s way to prevent it from hunting.  Brothers, sisters and fellow human being, we cannot advance beyond misery and completely become free if we decide to continue the route of gentleness in the face of opportunism and inhalation. We cannot advance the quality of good in humankind if we continue to feed the evil in him.  Desiring the best without much effort is the cause for surrendering one’s integrity. Those who oppress us are not internally human; they are monsters without sympathy and empathy. They dream the world in which they can live without us. As soon as you and I have honoured our citizenship obligation of paying taxes to their governments or making deposits into their banks, our relationship with them ceases. They envision a planet and space in which we exclude by pushing you and me below the Earth.

I understand how difficult it’s to avoid dictatorship and greediness, but it’s possible for both to be nullified. Therefore, the dictators who imitated these systems from the dominant families must also introduce the necessary tactics to sustain in the same way those modelled families did. That’s, if their dream is to continue the journey of dominion against the general populace, they should win them not force them.  This is the best trick you can apply to handcuff the masses and get away with it while also exposing their vulnerability to completely occupy their wholeness.  Apply shrewdness of creating ‘SOCIAL WELFARE’ system. If you don’t starve the population, you create societies which grow ‘tummies’ as opposed to growing minds.  Such a population satisfied with the proceeds from the social welfare will never have time for making problems with the government because they are busy with sorting out the bills in social clubs, entertainment and  bars replace their concerns, marital problems relating to custody  and gender limit their competence for competition.  Those who are not easily trapped using this method must granted much care and love through cheap labour supplied by slaves from overseas to convince them they’re princes of strong empire who do not need to work hard as somebody else was created to do such for them. When you completely turn your people into better ‘Dumb Beings’ and physically weaken them, then you can establish a relationship with human rights and other concerned groups to prevent their of exposing this cruelty since this might attract riot if revealed to those who think they’re well-off. You can achieve this by sending those these groups to operate oversee where they should preach what you consider as good for mankind if they’re to benefit from your annual budget. They must also establish zoos in which your stressed people will take a tour to sooth their pain. Those who’re questioning or in doubt whether this works, you are free to direct your questions to giant nations in Europe about how the controlled rioters in their country or visit their archive.

Nonetheless, the sky is the limit for dictators, acquire wisdom, use benefits of social welfare and control your people.    Those who applied this rule are the holder of trophies from that tournament, also copy it and dominate the political game of your time. Championing brutality is going increasingly losing momentum while the coming leagues require kindness and smooth murder’ imposed by courts than violence against the general populace for those who want survive riots.







Dear Donald J. Trump Camp,

Thank you for your recent letter in which you expressed your gratitude for my contribution in this year’s election.  My genuine confession is that I’m doing this with you for America and for the world. Winning with you is a guaranteed commitment, but even if the corrupt takes toll on us, we’re ready to lose it with you!!!

It’s, therefore, my great honour for being able to offer this bit, and I congratulate you for what you have achieved in this so far. Americans are showing their support and we’re grateful about that, their payment for this is none other than fulfilled promises. We hear also that you’ve won the heart of Mr. Putin and the Russian people; this will bring good tidings within mankind who shall draw their fish in the calm waters with little threat of nuclear threatening their lives and this World.   Let us win this election to claim back the liberty of mankind which was stolen from them in the days of their unconscious. Let us ‘Make America Great Again’ by making it the first nation on Earth to administer fair justice that liberates other societies. Let us forge ‘alliance of removing threats to world peace by clearing the myth of suspicion and as well avoiding challenging other powers which only invite the mother of conflict in this world. Let us transform universal institutions to make them serve the people they neglected decades after decades than the vice versa.

I wish you well; I wish you victory and good health.

May God bless you, May God blesses America, May God keep our world safe and secure!


Your struggle partner,


Richard R. Kayumba



We do not create governments to appease certain groups of people, nor should we establish oppressive rules on the blood of infants. What we need as free being of the modern world, are systems in which we’ll represent ourselves to restore law and order on this planet, plan the future, achieve it and protect against all odds.


Trump says he need Latinos, they’re wonderful people and make a great society, He needs their vote, offers them the message of assurance they’re part of his plan for future America. Trump is promising Latinos a better future in America through his policy screening and limiting migrant intruders. His immigrating policy is criticized by his opponents as alienating to bring him down, but in reality, it’s designed to provide you with better living condition, free and safe community


When you saw someone sailing smoothly unopposed in their campaigns, didn’t you notice the dark forces pushing them into the direction they wanted to operate? On the contrary, where you detected much opposition against a single person whether in parliament, bar or the clubs, didn’t you realise it was the evil forces that were threatened by not being represented in that candidate? Many people live to remember or regret the opportunities they missed, do you still have a room for regrets? If note, you and your friends, better go Trump throughout this campaign!