Dear American Voters,

The chance to free your country from the weak and corrupt leadership is right in your hands! A lot of money is being sent to America by world dictators who are trying to stop Donald Trump’s success. This corrupt scheme invaded American politics a decade ago to establish and maintain a system which shields dictators who pay royalties in your political parties and Government to maintain constant supply of favour from the America front.

It is time for American people to wake up and love their country once more since their institutions have been invaded by a foreign syndrome which is ongoing for many years. The strategy behind this invasion is to destroy your greatness; it’s to fail your democrat structure and return to the politics of one man’s system which undermined the will of ordinary citizen, where irresponsible government is answerable to the monopoly of individual lose canon.  Some of those who are playing dirty games on America include those considered as allies and partners who did not favour American liberal view from the beginning of present world order. They are now fighting tooth and nail to see that the trend they have invented to weaken your country’s strength is maintained through candidates they trust.

I know that you have been caged for far too long and only given little choice to vote for candidates they already chose for you. Now you have Donald J Trump who has crossed their drawn line by failing to be stopped their tricks and it’s is the reason we are seeing those shameful dirty games. It’s your time to get out of that dungeon in which you were bound. Put issues of little importance such as migrants and races aside to save your country; concern yourselves with American future and then return other countries and community concerns after you have re-established the true American nations again.

Whether republican, democrats or minority voters open your eyes and see beyond those promised snacks in social welfare, give no ear to Mitt Romney’s insane thinking. Activate your hearts and mind to help you to understand the logic why true saviours are persecuted by demons of this world.

I know that voters are mature people who understand what they want; Trump is your saviour from the lip service and black propaganda which is destroying America and the lives of your loved ones without benefit on your side. Voting for Trump is to vote for American safe future and happiness for you and I!

I am calling you to investigate leaders of political parties and government for corruption concerning foreign finances they’re receiving to fight Trump!

I remind all American people that it is up to you to free yourselves from the politics of oil and gold which is being promoted by those who say they know the best candidate you should elect!





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