To the living I am asking these questions and I beg for your honest answers:
a) My fellow countrymen, what type of leadership do you want in Rwanda?
b) What do you want to see your ideal government do for you and for your friends?
c) Which system of government have you preferred over others?
d) Which quality of leadership your ideal leaders must have?
e) What should be the immediate changes you would want to see taking place in Rwanda as soon as possible?
f) What are the most challenges the Rwandan people or the whole country face today and perhaps might have severe affect on our future?
g) Do you hear this call for change which is ringing?
h) Are you willing to participate or pay the required price to secure these changes?
i) Do you see or believe that Rwanda is ripe for change?
j) How much do you love your motherland and what could you give to make it free and safe?
k) How precious do you think it is, to establish genuine reconciliation and healing to enable peaceful coexistence between children of our tribes and enable them to flourish in every aspect without prejudice?
l) How great and valuable it would be if we create a safe environment for all Rwandan intellectuals and business maestro to transform her into a hopeful nation than a state of misery?
m) Do you remember that to assert this freshness into Rwanda’s life, I hold one key and you have other keys to the whole house?
n) There is no way to access the rooms for which you keep the keys, yet freshness is urgently required by suffocated Rwandans. Not until you come along with those keys you are holding into, our peoples’ lives remain in danger!
o) Hope seeing you arrive on time to save them since your continued delay costs heavily on our families and the damage is devastating.
p) This is my purpose for having born and lived in your country, share yours too. What do we have in common? Remember that the freedom we seek begins with us!

To those who duel in mortuaries before they are dead, I command you to shake off the spirit of death which occupy chambers of hearts and rise up from your morgue, for you are not yet medically certified dead. The duty is calling; Rwanda needs you and me more than ever before. What can we give? That is the question! Well, one wise president once reminded his people ‘Not to ask what their country can do for them, instead ask what they can do for their country’.
Fellow Rwandans, today history repeats itself, I ask you similar question which says, what can you do to create a free and safe Rwanda in which your offspring will grow tall and shoot their branches freely without being pruned by enemies of humankind? What can you do to bring justice to children who were made orphans by criminal agents of evil? What can you do to comfort young and old widows who were denied the chance to enjoy marriages like others? What can you do to save those mothers who are starving and having no hope for tomorrow? What can you do for unemployed masses that have been forced into prostitution to survive? What can you do to heal our society from tribal wounds, hatred and hurts? What can you do to repatriate Rwandan wasted resources in refugee camps and in other corners of the world which is being abused by this blind ruler and his machinery? What can you do for those who are decaying in prisons due to failed justice? What can you do for those lives sold for gold in DR Congo or in operations of suspicions in Burundi? What can you do for all injustices, pain and fear that are dished as a daily ration to Rwandan people by the tyrant ruler? What can you do to prevent Rwanda from falling back to her former dark days as enticing as it is presently?
Responding to this call makes you part of the desired change at time of its inception and it is the wise decision to make for you and your friends. A new history is waiting to be created around the corner by men and women, young and old, above all for the first time in our history, the full partnership and free will of all our tribes. Therefore, be wise don’t be left out! Trust me we are engineering this process and it is destined to succeed because good has always triumphed evil.
As a matter of urgency, I urge you to take your position and be part of this change when it is still searching for you, since your own search for it in the future could become stressful.
Maybe you think you are very small in size, who said you have to be big like a pyramid to house the grace, a widow in rural Rwanda needs? Maybe you are afraid of death, how long is your term of contract with life? It is my conviction that what must be feared in times such as these is fear itself because when everyman’s diet is over from the menu, he dies anyway! I challenge you to takeover your responsibility today than ignoring your role in this historical process when you will never be part of other generations’ history.




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