Dear fellow Rwandans, It is another beautiful day today isn’t it? Another opportunity for me to remind myself, you brothers and sisters the duty which is overdue that concerns each one of us. I sensed malfunction of conscious system as the cause for difficulties to act according our moral responsibility and consciousness.
By acting according to consciousness I mean that Rwandan people who are not acting where it is required because of their historical divides, threat they have received recently, hunger and poverty they are experiencing must find ways to put these aside to be able to operate in their normal consciousness which will lead all of us to address these challenges and hope to live a fulfilled life. When people operate in their consciousness, they understand who they are which influences them to make right decisions as we shall see in article “operating consciousness”. The author of this article stated it clearly that it means “being that is alive and exists”. “Means we are metaphysical beings that sit at the control center of our bodies and minds”. “We tell our bodies and mind what to do”. ‘We decide to take an action through our will’. Web Post of May 17, 2014.
Eleanor Roosevelt added clarity when he said ‘living or being alive’ means purpose. And that purpose according to him is “Tasting experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”. Robert F. Kennedy also enlarged it by saying that “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”
Therefore, when you apply this logic to Rwanda’s context, you are forced to asking questions such as what do they mean to us? Are we living and alive? Are we reaching out for new experiences without fear? Are we contributing in some way to making things better for our country and people? Why don’t we learn to act in our normal consciousness despite all the challenges? I believe this could give us an upper hand in determine the state of affairs at which our country should be governed to end one man’s dominance plus living a controlled life style and thus acquiring all our rights and live a life fulfilled.
As it’s described by the above authors, we sit at the control center of our bodies and minds, we execute actions and thoughts through the control of our own will’. That is what Rwandan people should do when they chose to act in their consciousness. However, it is practically impossible to apply your consciousness when you don’t know what you are as a man. Mark Twain (1906), in a book called “What Is Man?” Borrowing from Martin Luther King Jar’s “The Measure of a Man”, he explains what man is according the Psalmist 8-4. Bothered by issues of totalitarian government and democracy, King analyzed the meaning of above quoted psalms “what is man, that you are mindful of him…” He observes here that, there are some people who believe ‘man is little more than an animal’ and there are those ‘who lift man almost to the position of a God’. There are then those who would ‘combine the truths of both’ and see ‘man a strange dualism, something of a dichotomy’ and quotes ‘there are depths in man that go down to the lowest hell, and heights that reach the highest heaven’, King notices first that ‘man is a biological being with a physical body’, which is the ‘less than God’, Encyclopaedic December 2007.
Therefore, we have seen from above cited facts and we are yet to see in below paragraph that there is no logic in justifying a mere man’s rights to dominate fellow human being as it is in Rwanda currently. The immortal statement which appears in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America in 1776 says;”All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; among these are Liberty, Life and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Means: “all the peoples on the earth are equal from birth; all the peoples have a right to live and to be happy and free”.
It is time to evaluate ourselves and answer questions such as: are we happy? Equal? Free? If not what acts of consciousness should we embark on to reclaim what we lost during our unconscious past?
Every man as we have seen from creation, he is made by one creator who formed him from same properties and brought him on earth through same process.
When you apply this understanding on Rwanda’s situation where one man is allowed to dominate, oppress and kills fellow men acting like a ‘god’ himself, you actually wonder if Rwandan people’s consciousness is awake and aware that they were born with equal rights of sharing oxygen and space like this man. I believe that if they are assisted to understand and act in their consciousness, they will eventually refuse to protect criminals on top of all their atrocities committed and still being commit against them. My countrymen, here are questions which you must ask yourselves before you make a conclusion of deciding which way to take or what to do today:
• What do you see in this man? Money? Ask him if he can swallow his pride, will tell you that he was the poorest of all,
• Is his good physical stature? What do your eyes give you?
• Is it intelligence? Test his IQ and you’ll tell me!
• Why lay down your heads for him to cut? You know very well that without your guard he is nothing and more vulnerable to attacks than me and you,
• What power your fellow man has which you can’t own back?
• Where this power does came from? Not from your guard, your taxes and gardens?
• Does trembling of a Kob stop a hunting lion from harming it?
• Why don’t you withdraw your guard from a criminal who sacrifice you like one of the animals in his livestock?
• Why sacrifice yourselves for interests of selfish individuals? Let a mafia find fellow mafias who share similar profession to protect them and let us become guardians of life and defend Rwandans against these criminals.
• Do you know that you deserve rights to life and enjoyment of liberty like other societies?
• I argue you fellow countrymen to come back to you normal consciousness. How can a stack in y our teeth which require a single toothpicks coast you all your teeth?
• I have seen those who celebrate or collaborate as death messengers to their colleagues becoming the next victims. What have they earned? To be buried as criminals is the crown they were fighting for?
Learn the game in a proper way! Respect, loyalty to those who deserve them should be differentiated from fear and worship of man.
Come-on fellow Rwandans! Learn to protect things you cherish and so dear to you not death.
I wish these paragraphs can set your mind and consciousness to realise that just like all other men also you are complete and have equal amount liberty like those who oppress you.
Come-on fellow Rwandan people! You deserve life over death, respect over insults, and enjoyment of abundance over mental torture so long as your land still produces crops, you deserve completeness over abuse and poverty.
Son woman wake up! Return to your original state you were not born animal and you did not come on earth to compete in a marathon of death which challenges the creator’s will.
There is another option for you, if you are competing for fame through shedding blood of your fellow men; I think saving lives could be the best professional for you. Chose wisely and live longer to enjoy our approval than celebrating when die.
My mind has totally failed to comprehend what some Rwandans do against fellow men and I’m learning mad about the same each day a tragic death after another?
This is a mortal man like me and you. He came through the same portal (Between Legs of a Woman) like you and I. The military equipment he boasts are made by another man who is still in the market, the man who oppresses you cannot make even a fraction of these. The men he relies on are our brothers, sisters, husbands or relatives, why should you continue to aid your killer? Why should a man such as the one being described deny you the right to life and voluntarily accept such? Where did he get that authority to oppress us? Is the entrance he entered through closed for us today? Why fellow Rwandans accept to be called messengers of death sent by master of death to deliver death notices to innocent people? If he enjoys living with dead bodies than living human being why not hunger himself and join the dead in the graveyard than killing the living to keep remains in his storehouse? Does this man really deserve to be shielded by you Rwandan people? I think it is time fellow men you act in your consciousness and desert such criminals who do not merit life leave alone our protection.
This man forgot that he and me we are nothing but flesh and blood, that just as he pieces his sword in those whose lives are lost each day, also it can piece him and join bodies of young and old Rwandans whose flesh he keeps piling up in various morgues of the country.
I have availed myself for partnership in service to our country in order to get rid of those who think they can go on killing us and continue to live in our vacuum. I call upon those who have similar determination to join forces with us so that we can clear this hazard from our environment and establish a state which is free from cruel and criminals who are enemies of humanity. If you chose your rights to life, freedom and liberty which are yours by divine providence, you will stand with us today and pursue together the pass to freedom of Rwanda and thereafter our people will breathe peace and extend it to their neighbours. They will hope or dream and it shall come true, renewed confidence shall become a sign on their forehead which is visible to every man. Opportunities shall be created and enjoyed equally by them, when empowered enough; they shall seize every opportunity as presented themselves from time to time. This is the dream Rwanda which you and I ought to fight for and build to ourselves and children.
Richard R. Kayumba



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